Thursday, 31 January 2013

Flu & stuff

I'm sorry it has been a while since I have been blogging I have been puli bad, having had the flu (apparently being ill around here has something to do with misbehaving dogs ). Now normally I would try my best for my ailments not rule my life, but this did properly floor me. I did go into work but that was more to not knowing whether I would have my shifts covered. I really wished I had phoned in sick so I could have properly rested, but other than going into work I was sensible, hibernating under a duvet, keeping up my fluids, avoiding dairy & eating soup & dry biscuits. I did have to take it easy as flu & asthma are not exactly the kindest of bedfellows & at the moment my lung capacity is not back up to normal & my chest is still rattling like a  toddler with a set of maracas. If you are unfortunate enough to get flu be sensible don't treat it like a cold, take care of yourself as unlike a cold (unless you are an alien from War of the Worlds) the flu can kill. This is one time I let myself be the patient & I do feel better for it

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Coping with the winter weather

I'm not entirely sure why snow brings people into mass hysteria, it is easier to cope with it if you are a lot more rational. Panic buying, clogging roads to get home before everyone else snarls up the traffic in the bad weather which does not work. Plan in advance. If it is going to snow first of all dress sensibly, this is the most important thing if you do get stranded you need to keep warm, it is not a time for vanity, sensible shoes, winter coats, warm jumpers, hats, gloves & scarves, leaves the heels, skirts, fashion shoes & denim at home. As far as food goes, dried goods are far more useful than perishable goods. Why do people think that bread & milk are the most important things? They deteriorate quickly, sure bread flour is a better idea & if you are stranded at home you will have time to bake. Long life milk would be more useful if milk is absolutely essential to you to have it, though at this time of year building up mucus is not the best idea anyway. Keep curtains closed will help keep heat in. wear you jumpers & warm clothes around the house so you don't have to ramp the heating up too much more than you'd need to. Keep your phone with you so that you can contact loved ones just in case you get stranded. Do take some high energy food with you just in case you get stranded & a hot drink in a thermos flask. If you have these then you are less likely to need to do the panic things that grinds the country to a halt. Also only drive anywhere if you have too, walk if you can or work from home if you can. Check on neighbours if they are elderly, sick or disabled. Most of all enjoy it, build snowmen, throw snowballs put out bird feed & see what birds come into your garden. I have a 4.2 mile walk to work tomorrow though being sensible I am looking at finding an alternative route as it is quite steep. Those are my tips to cope

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Confidence crash

Sorry for the major hiatus in the posting I had difficulties getting onto my blog. I have had issues recently with my confidence, it took a nose dive recently for real apparent reason, I feel I'm coming out of it as I realised there was no reason why I shouldn't have confidence in my self & kinda shook myself & told myself to get a grip, my life could be worse & has been in the past. Well it appears that I need to de clutter my head & do tasks that are important to me & my life, take strength from my faith. So if you are having a crisis in confidence & your not sure why, dig deep, concentrate on your strengths, do something you love & are good at & you may find your confidence creep back, but the first step is to acknowledge your lack of confidence first otherwise you won't be able to do much about it. The much happier Pagan Chaplain.